About Us
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Our Devotion

We perceive architecture as a challenge for ingenuity. The process of creation – accumulation of spacial, functional and emotional layers – begins in our minds after a forensic study and a deep understanding for our client’s mission. This is how the initial visual generation takes place: a variety of intuitive images merging shape and purpose. We try to transfer these virtualities on a piece of paper. The first line is the first step into the adventure, where environment is always as peculiar as unique its context is. It leads the way toward infinite possibilities for inception of space and shape, tailored to the individual functional and aesthetic needs.

The spaces we all inhabit subconsciously influence the way we think and act. This is why we approach with great responsibility the process of space transformation and creation of individual environments for each specific purpose and community. Data-driven predictive analytics are utilised to allow the client to make prudent initial and down-the-road investment decisions. The transformation of the architectural concept into a physical entity further represents a dynamic reconciliation of science and emotion, reason and intuition. Architecture is an art which is created not only by architects – it requires harmony, even unification of the knowledge and experience of all stakeholders in the process of realisation – investors, public health experts, doctors, patients, regulators, lawyers, engineers, builders, construction specialists.

Our League:

We Shape the Future of Healthcare Space

We are multi-cultural and savvy collaborative team. Adopting a far distance foreseeability approach secures space solutions to bridge decades of years and accomodate ever evolving medical and pharmaceutical technologies. We never compromise when it comes to quality in design and detail towards our high impactful patient-centric architecture. Delivering space and equipment to allow for human-centric experiences of doctors and HCPs, with profound empathy to patients and families, we are very cognisant of mounting operating cost in healthcare, which has to be reconciled with dramatic needs to improve medical outcomes for ageing population in Europe.

Experience and Expertise:

Patient-First Architecture

Architectural and Construction Bureau Helvetia offers top expertise in the highly specific areas of healthcare and pharmaceutical design: high med-tech, multi-profile, large volume and specialised hospitals, in- and outpatient medical centres and day clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, cleanrooms (Class A) design and implementation. We have over 25 years of experience in warehouses and logistic buildings, office buildings, retail pharmacies design. Our portfolio includes a number of realised projects for single family houses and condominiums, public buildings, interior and furniture design. We are actively involved in all stages of the architectural dessavvy collaborativeign process – research, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, interior design, specialty furniture systems design, visual communication design, construction documentation, construction bidding, construction administration, building and construction. Our specialisation in the field of interior design further allows for a holistic approach to every commission and comprehensive implementation of the architectural concept.