About This Project

The large-scale high-tech hospital complex has an organic architectural design. Suitable to ensure the the fluent execution of all complex processes to carry out highly specialised medical procedures and first-class patient healthcare. It has 24 clinics, 7 laboratories, a large diagnostic imaging sector, 20 operating rooms, one of which is equipped with an intraoperative angiography machine. The project includes a first-class medical oncology sector, advanced and affordable diagnostics, high-tech personalized therapy and long-term patient follow-up. The radiotherapy clinic is equipped with a linear accelerator, 4D scanner, dosimetry equipment, supporting infrastructure, database and software for planning, execution and quality control, allowing the implementation of the most sophisticated processes in this field and highly precise treatment. The building meets the highest energy efficiency requirements and uses intelligent energy saving solutions, including a BMS center to optimize energy consumption.

Multiprofile Hospitals