About This Project

A hi-tech hospital facility, logical and organic architectural design tailored to provide  a flawless accommodation of highly specific medical procedures and practices. The concept is based on the latest innovations in both therapeutical methods and medical equipment. It features seven operating theatres, one of them is a unique hybrid operating suite fitted with state-of-the-art imaging technology: an intraoperative angiography and intraoperative MRI systems, the first and only in Southeast Europe.


The overall ambience is particularly “therapeutically” oriented in order to enhance positively the patients’ hospital experience and support the healing process. Space and mass composition, finishing materials, colours, natural and artificial light – all interior design tools are used deliberately.


The spacious garden faces the southeast and offers certain recreational features. The landscape includes a parcours in support of the remobilisation and physical rehabilitation of the patients (steps and ramps with low and gradually increasing inclines). This way the outside space becomes an active part of the overall therapeutical process.


The building meets all energy efficiency standards. All the installations are highly efficient and energy saving. All the mechanical and electrical systems are controlled by a BMS, optimising the energy consumption.

Multiprofile Hospitals