About This Project

For the second phase of this commission, we have further enhanced and sophisticated our holistic approach. While developed within the strict limits of the technical and functional requirements, the center of the design concept was again the patient and their healing. Improving the patient experience while catering the needs of the medical professionals and the therapeutic process was at the core of our work from the preliminary concept stage until the construction completion.


For the first time in Bulgaria, the turn-key construction of the second phase of the Heart and Brain Multiprofile Hospital Pleven (green field investment) was completed in just 12 months. The project includes a top-notch medical oncology center, providing diagnostics, high-tech therapy and long-term patients’ condition observation at a most advanced level, available only in the biggest oncology centres in Europe and the United States. The radiotherapy clinic, which features Gama Knife, Linear Accelerator, 4D Scanner, dosimetry equipment as well as the supporting infrastructure, data base and software for planning, execution and quality control, allows for the most sophisticated and precise radiotherapy and radio surgery of the whole body, particularly the brain and the central nervous system.


The most challenging task during the design and construction was integrating the heavy (over 40 t), high-dosage ionizing radiation emitting equipment into the architectural composition. The underground bunkers with over 2 m thick concrete walls and ceilings provide the necessary protection as well as all the infrastructure for the extremely high precision radio surgery.


Our aim was to incorporate this cutting-edge technology seamlessly into the interior concept, creating an environment that focuses on the patient experience. The interior design solutions further develop the scaled communication spaces, clear lines and color schemes of the first phase of this project, supporting patients’ confidence and well-being.

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